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OK guys, just wanted to let you all know that there will be no coupon inserts in this Sundays newspaper because of the holiday. Keep checking back with me and I'll post the printable ones that I come across though! And if you are saving your coupons already, I will be posting the deals that I find too so that you all can take advantage of those too!!! Remember to save your coupons even if you dont think you will use them. I don't need some of the stuff that I buy but if I can get if for free or for pennies, I can donate it to someone who can use it, and usually earn some Extra Care Bucks in the process! Free Money for getting something free, now thats a deal!!!

Another thing that I have learned is that to get the best deals sometimes you have to lose your loyalty to a specific brand. If you can't possibly do that, you will be able to get some savings, but not like those of you that are willing to branch out and try different brands. Give it a try! My husband is using different brands of body wash and deodorant right now because I got tons of free Gillette and Old Spice products with those Buy One, Get One coupons and $4 off coupons several weeks ago.

Remember to check Kroger.com to load your ecoupons to your card. If you have a coupon for that same product, both coupons can be used. The ecoupons come off automatically at the register. Another website that offers digital coupons is cellfire.com. Check them out too!

I am trying to make some updates to my blog by adding the tabs for freebies, coupons, etc....but I am new to this web designing thing so bear with me and I will get that done as soon as I figure it out. Hope you all have a great weekend and tell everyone to visit my page for some great deals!

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