Maurices is having a promotion for Free Shipping on all orders over $50!!! In order for you to get this, you have to click on the link above. The items in the sample order do link to the page but you must not add anything in your shopping cart unless you click on the Free Shipping Link above. These items that I have in the sample order are from the clearance section, so they are also on sale 40% off. You can play around with your order, depending on how much you want to spend. As for me, I like to get the most for my money...so this is what I chose to show you guys what you can get....cute, cute, cute!!!!
Regular Price $34.00
Regular Price $34.00
Regular Price $20.00
Regular Price $14.00

Cost Summary
Actual Retail Price: $102 + $7.14 tax + $7.95 Shipping = $117.09
Sales Merchandise Subtotal: $53.97
Free Shipping and Handling
Sales Tax: $3.78
Total Order Cost: $57.74
A savings of $59.35!!!!
More than half off !!!! Go today to place your order!!!

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