Don't Trash Expired Coupons! US Military Families Can Use Them!

I just found this great resource that needs to be shared with all couponers! If you have expired coupons, US Military Families that are overseas can use these coupons for up to 6 months over the expired date! What a nice way to help out our wonderful military!
Check out this links to find out how you can send your expired coupons!
Overseas Coupon Project Adopt a Base and start sending your coupons!

Tips for organizing your expired coupons:

(1) Be sure to cut the coupons (i.e. do not send the whole insert with all the junk pages); this will help reduce the postage costs for you
(2) Divide the coupons into 2 plastic bags with the following labels: Food and Non-Food
(3) Do not send internet coupons as families overseas already have access to these coupons

*Make it a Project-Place a box in your church or workplace and have announcements made for everyone to clip and donate those coupons.

 Please Pass this One along to help support our Military Families that sacrifice daily for our freedom!

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