Getting a Deal on Name Brand Items

I love to get a deal on name brand items, one in particular is Ralph Lauren! It makes me feel all happy inside like I've just done something sneaky and got away with it! Having two school aged children, I have found that you can still get great name brand clothes for a deal and they don't have to know that you didn't go to the mall to get them.

The first thing that I do when I go to an online store is enter in my price range and stick to it. In searching for some cute summer clothes for my daughters, I found a cute Ralph Lauren Big Pony Tank Dress, available in sizes 4-16, on sale for 33% off of its regular price. My girls would be adorable in matching dresses! This is great since I have one in a size 5 and the other in size 12.

I don’t just shop online for the kids, I buy myself and my husband items also. I found some Ralph Lauren Style Perfume by Ralph Lauren for Women on sale for 51% off of the original price and some Polo Blue Shower Gel  for my husband for 54% off!

Since starting this blog I try my best to find deals out there to share with my readers. I have learned that there is tons of money to be saved, you just have to be willing to search a little for it. As a side note, I do shop at the mall and I do pay full price on items-I just love to get a good deal more!

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