How Do You Get Your Kids to Embrace Summer Reading?

When I first read this question, I thought, it's not hard-just give them a book to read. And then I started thinking, my kids would rather sit in front of the computer than read a book. Not good!
My oldest, Montana, is nine and is an excellent reader. I started reading to her when I was pregnant with her and continued until she was able to read to me. She will read a book while we are shopping for groceries, carrying it around reading while I catch her before she runs into something. So with Montana, I'm sure that she's going to be a lover of reading like myself. I don't have to encourage her to read, she just does because she enjoys it. She has mastered those I Can Read Levels!

With Madison, I'm not so sure....

Once I had more than one child, it seems that I cut back on that special time of just sitting down and reading to them. That time has been taken up with helping with homework, cleaning house, cooking, etc.
Madison is just now fixing to go to Kindergarten so of coarse she can't actually read on her own, but she sure can play games on the computer. What could I do to encourage her to like books?

The first thing that I did was take them to the library to join the summer reading program. They give them incentives for reading, such as free passes to the skating rink after they have read so many hours. The library also has puppet time and children shows that incorporate books into the show. If you attend these, the children get to count the time there as reading time. They have started to love the library!

Now to tackle to computer situation...honestly I didn't know how to go about it. I read some posts and decided to give them a try. My favorite was that they could use the computer each day for the same amount of time that they read. At first the girls were not happy about this, but once we got started they have really enjoyed it. We have "reading time" where we all sit around, relax, and read. I read to my youngest daughter and my one year old son usually sits in my lap to listen. I also get her to tell me a story on what she thinks is happening based on the pictures in the book. That is her favorite part. She gets to use her imagination but she also can tell me word for word some of her favorite books.

I am glad that I have taken the time to get back to books with my children, I hope that they continue to like to read as they grow older. How do you get your kids to embrace summer reading? I would love to know! There is also a discussion page available if you would like to visit and see what others are saying about this topic, click here to get there!

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