New Makeup Primer with a Jolt of Caffeine???

I was given the opportunity to review a new product-Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer. First of all, I'd like to say that I had no clue exactly what a makeup primer was, so thank goodness I got a great description from my welcome email.

Makeup Primers are becoming very popular these days, used to make makeup last longer. A primer absorbs oils and binds makeup to the skin. This product is a 100% natural formula containing Caffeine that is from Youthful Trends and Greensations. It helps reduce sweating, tightens skin and pores, works with any skin type or color, and can be used with any kind of makeup. You can also use Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer as a night time hydrator (with or without) your favorite night cream. You can spritz your face in the morning, even if you don’t plan to wear makeup, to help smooth your complexion.

How did I use the primer that was provided to me free for a product review? Anyway that I could! LOL. Because I work third shift, I don't wear too much makeup. The first time that I tried it, I couldn't believe that it made my makeup last so long. I usually have to reapply within an hour or two because my makeup never seems to last, but it did! I have also been applying at night to hydrate my face. I like the way that it makes my skin feel and it smells great too. If you are interested in this product, you can use this special coupon code (SHEBLOG) to get a 25% discount at either or
This review is based on my honest opinion.

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