Support Murphy Harpst-Life and Hope for Abused Children

Please join me in supporting Murphy Harpst. If you are not familiar with Murphy Harpst, below is a little information:

Murphy-Harpst is a residential treatment facility and group home serving some of Georgia’s most abused and at-risk children. The center offers therapeutic programs including Specialized Foster Care, Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment, and other services. Murphy-Harpst also operates a HeadStart and pre-kindergarten program for some 200 children in Polk County.

Since early in 2007, the state of Georgia has drastically reduced reimbursements to providers of children’s services. This has caused other facility's like Murphy Harpst to close, leaving many abused youth with no place to go. If you would like to visit their site to learn more, click here. There are many ways that you can support them, click on the link that says "How You Can Help". You can make donations, get a workteam together to help with projects such as landscaping, painting, fence mending and lots more. This would be great for a Church Youth Group, etc. to give back to our community.

For all of my fellow Romans: Papa John's Pizza of Rome (706-802-1010) had a flyer on their pizza box the other day and I want to pass this along to you all:

*You must ask for these specials in order for Papa John's to make a donation to Murphy Harpst:
Large One Topping $8.99 Donation Amount: $1.00
XL 3 Topping and 2L Drink $17.99  Donation Amount: $2.00
5 Large Anyway You Want $50.00 Donation Amount $5.00
10 Large One Toppings $60.00 Donation Amount $10.00

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