StaphAseptic Review + Giveaway and Coupon

I was recently provided with a great product called StaphAseptic for a review and a giveaway to my readers. StaphAseptic is a First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Gel that is used for the prevention of bacterial infections caused by MRSA, staph, and other germs. This greaseless, non-staining gel provides soothing wound care without stinging or irritation, and contains Lidocaine for effective pain relief. It is not a treatment or a cure for an existing infection. It should only be used on minor wounds, not those requiring immediate medical attention. 

Being a nurse, I gladly jumped on the opportunity to do a review of this product. I had to wait for the opportunity to use it and recently had the perfect chance. My son was trying to climb up on my 5 year old daughters bicycle and let's just wasn't pretty. He got several scrapes from the concrete driveway. Immediately I cleaned them up and applied the StaphAseptic to the wounds. With the Lidocaine pain reliever, he was feeling better quickly and was ready to go again...

I applied the StaphAseptic to his wounds for several days and they healed up perfectly without no signs of infection. Make note that with any wound that starts becoming red, swollen, painful, or has drainage, you should see a physician immediately. StaphAseptic has also made available a coupon for $1 off, you can print by clicking here.

In addition to using the StaphAseptic, there are other ways to help prevent getting a bacterial infection. Some of those are:
  • Treating and covering the wounds with a clean bandage
  • Do not share towels, soaps, razors, etc.
  • Good hand washing
  • Showering after physical activity
If you would like to receive Free facts about MRSA patient guides, you can contact 1-888-MRSAHELP (677-2435)

I would like to thank StaphAseptic for sending me this wonderful product free of charge for review and also for possibly preventing what could have been a worse wound if we had not had this product to apply.

If you would like a chance to win a free 2 oz. tube of StaphAseptic, you must first complete the mandatory entry and then you can do additional entries. The deadline for this giveaway will be August 22nd at midnight! Make sure that you provide your email address or a way for me to contact you when you leave your comment in case you win!!!

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Good Luck!!!!

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  1. I normally just wash cuts and scrapes with warm soapy water and apply triple antibiotic.