Free Papa John's Pizza if Super Bowl Goes into Overtime!!!!

No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime. And no pizza company has ever called such a bold play: Papa John's announced today that it is offering a free large pizza to everyone in America if Super Bowl XLV, to be played on Feb. 6 in North Texas, goes into overtime!!!!

To be eligible for a free large, up to three-topping pizza, you will need to register for Papa John’s online customer loyalty program, Papa Points. You must register before 11:59 pm ET Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011. Then if Super Bowl XLV goes into overtime, the free pizza will be awarded to all Papa Points enrollees Monday, Feb. 7 in the form of 25 Papa Points — the amount of points needed to redeem a large up to three-topping pizza. Consumers can redeem the 25 Papa Points for the free pizza anytime through June 30, 2011!!!!!


  1. Thank you, but can't find out how to sign up. It don't know where to find the papa johns points ==Although I did sign up for the general sight

  2. and you can sign up for their loyalty program!