What is the most embarrassing thing you have done to your child?

So I was sitting here thinking about life and how I try to enjoy each and every moment. My oldest daughter will soon be 10 and even though it is a tough age, I enjoy her so much. She's just like me....yes, I'm going to pay for my raising...lol.

We like to pick on each other and have a good time. She brought home a book from the school library titled Dear Mom, You are Ruining My Life and of coarse ,that was the first thing she told me about when she got in the car. She had great pleasure in telling me the name of that book, I could see it on her face. I couldn't decide which was worse: that the school had the book or that she chose it.

Instead of letting it hurt my feelings, I decided that I would get payback. So I threatened her that I am going to take her to school in my pj's one day and that when she gets out of the car, I am going to get out, chase after her, and yell out that I love her in front of everybody...lol. I was thinking "I can show you just how much I can ruin your life."

And no, I haven't done it yet. But I have it stuck in the back of her mind and I remind her frequently just what I could do and that is enough of a payback for me! So my question to you is: What is the most embarrassing thing that you have done to your child? I would love to hear your stories and get some new ideas on how to torture my daughter;)

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