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***As an added bonus, through July 20, Cash4Books is giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card every day. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is send in an order using the free FedEx shipping option. To be eligible for free FedEx shipping, an order must contain five books or be worth at least $40.***

I mentioned this site before as a good way to earn some extra cash. There is a FREE phone app available that you could use while you are out at yard sales, etc. You just enter in the UPC code and find out what the book is worth. Say you pay $1 at a yard sale, but Cash4Books will give you $10, you just made a profit of $9!!!!
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  1. Its really fantastic to have Cash 4 Books which we are not using before. Phone app is looking good. I am going to use this app for sell books....

  2. Really if you are having books which are not of much use then you can sell those books and can make some money.