Are Fan Pages Taking Over Your Facebook Updates?

Are all of the pages that you like flooding your Facebook page? Here is a way that you can clear them out without hiding them:

There is now a feature on Facebook called Lists. You can click on more and then add a new list. You will need to change the icon from friends to pages. You then can select all of the pages that you want to add to the list and whenever you want to see updates all you have to do is click on that list. It's on the left-hand side:)

Update on this earlier post: It seems that you are also going to have to put all of your friends in the friends list, family in the family list, etc., that way, you just click on which list of updates that you want to see. Don't forget to check your fan pages often though, you wouldn't want to miss out on the great deals we all have to offer! Hope this helps everyone!

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