Sep 4, 2011



Content by Kyle Lowe

Recently, we relocated and I had to leave my job. I found myself job searching for nearly two month. Although we had savings, I found them dwindling. Seeing the numbers in our savings account fall gave me anxiety and I had to do something. A friend who is an accountant suggested I create a budget. I had never created a budget and didn’t even know where to start. I did some research on the internet. I found a lot of websites that take you through the basics and even let you create a budget on-line. Having never really examined our finances, I was shocked to see how quickly little things here and there added up. My accountant friend found several ways that I could cut back. She suggested that I skip the $3.50 latte that I got everyday. I got a French press and started making my own. I saved about $85 dollars a month. She also thought that we were overpaying for cable, so I logged on and got a new package, reducing my bill. The changes were simple. I love it that I learned how to budget!

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