~Heelys Review~

I recently had an awesome opportunity to receive a free pair of Heelys in order to write an honest review. I jumped on this opportunity as quick as I could. I have always enjoyed skating and still go with my kids to this day, even at 32 I still have some savvy moves. I ordered the Wave Heelys, just because they were white, and more suited for me. They have some really cute pink and black ones that I would like to get for my daughter...but honestly...she ended up with the pair that I got for myself!

When I got my package, I opened up the box with such anticipation, thinking "I have got this!" Well, let's just say that skating and Heelys are two completely different things for me. They are fun, but I just can't get into the swing of leaning back on my heels to go...and boy do you go! I don't think that I am coordinated enough because I kept crashing and burning.

My daughter Montana is 10 and we can pretty much wear the same shoes. She's very athletic and coordinated. She begged me to let her try the Heelys, but I wanted to be greedy at first and keep them all to myself. Well after a few incidents, I decided to let Montana try them out. She was awesome on them. It didn't take her any time at all and she was rolling around the house and everywhere else in them. They are great for someone her age, and possibly for people my age, but just not for me, lol.

Some great resources and videos can be found here, and includes How-to videos on “Heeling”!

This review is of a pair of Heelys I was sent as a member of Business2Blogger for the purposes of an honest product review. All of the opinions are my own and were not influenced at all!

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