Seeking Bloggers for Giveaway-Kindle, Amazon GC, and 25+ Other Prizes

I have around 10 spots available to make this giveaway happen! Bloggers-Please spread the word for me! The giveaway is going to run from October 19th at 12:01 a.m. EST through the 30th 12:01 a.m EST. I do not have a name selected yet, so one of my questions in the form is a name suggestion. For the winner of the name selection, I will advertise your button on my wall for one month free!

The Grand Prize will be a Kindle and a $40 Amazon card. If I have a much greater interest, I will let you guys know what other Grand Prize we will offer.The other part of the giveaway is that each blogger will sponsor a prize with a value of $25 or more to go towards the giveaway...meaning that we will have 26 winners total (or possibly more)! You can find sponsors or purchase your own prize, either way is fine with me. I would love to have a great variety of prizes!

For more information and to enter, please go to this link:

****Note: If you are interested in advertising your page on my site, this is a new service I am starting to offer, contact me by email for more information. Advertising can be for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or more.

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