Awesome #Blogger Refer #Blogger Credit @zuuzs-A Cash Back Site!!!!

I just got awesome news from zuuzs! Not only will you earn 40% cash back earned from people that you refer and 25% on cash back earned on who they refer, they just now approved for us to have the same benefit with bloggers that we refer!!! How awesome is that!!! Get signed up and let every one of your friends know. To do this they will need to click on your personal link for you to get credit then they need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Blogger" to have the affiliate account!!!! Click here and sign up:)


  1. Hey Jennifer, I just signed up under you!

    Kate Sorensen -

  2. I did too! :) Shawna Elkins

  3. Thanks Jennifer I just signed up under you also


  4. Thanks Ladies! I am sending you a link to the facebook group so that you can join us!