How To Save Your Sanity & Money This Holiday Season!

The most stressful time of the year is during the holidays. Trying to decide what to buy everyone and having the time or money to get those items becomes a constant worry that can wreak havoc on our normal routines. Why do we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle? It's time for a change! Not only do I have the answer to how we can enjoy this time of year, I even have some great gift ideas to tell you about too!

We live in a day and age where technology is right at our fingertips at any given time. It's time to catch up with our shopping habits! What sounds better: Sitting at home in your pj's with a warm cup of cocoa or standing out in the freezing cold to get a good deal? We now have the option to get good deals and do it from home without fighting the crowds. Online shopping is growing in numbers but most people don't know how to do it and save more money than you could imagine, sometimes even making money to buy products!!! Check out this deal to see an example: Get Paid to Purchase Olay and Venus Gift sets from

The number one thing to remember is don't go directly to the store website to make your purchase. Why, you ask? Because there are wonderful websites like that offer cash back on your purchases! If the store is not available for cash back, you can shoot them a  message and request that they add that store-chances are that they will gladly get it for you if they can. I choose because not only do I earn cash back from my purchases, I earn 40% of the cash back that my friends earn and 25% of the cash back that their friends earn! The potential to earn is limitless!!! Another bonus: zuuzs is offering double cash back through the rest of the holiday season!!!

With, each store has a certain percentage of cash back that you can earn up to on your purchases. You would select that store on and it will take you to the store website. This is now where you will make your purchase and your account with zuuzs will be credited with cash back. Be sure that when you are on the stores website, look for any special promo codes or coupon codes that you can enter during checkout and save money or get free shipping. This is probably the number one way people lose money when shopping online.
Also look for any offers to get free items with your purchase. You may be able to get a free gift with a $25 value if you just spend $5 more!

Now that you have the basics to get started, let's put your skills to the test! Here are a few of my favorite gift idea's for this year. Check them out and get your shopping taken care of without stressing anymore this season! Be sure to share this with your friends to pass along the blessing of a peace of mind this holiday season! Happy Shopping!

Gifts for Him:
Coleman Quad Lantern only $54.92 from Regular Price is $79.99, a savings of 26% plus up to 30% cash back from zuuzs!
Gold's Gym Olympic Bench only $99 from Walmart! Price was $147, save $48 plus free shipping. Earn up to 2.4% cash back from zuuzs!

Mossimo Supply Co. Men's  Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt - Indigo Plaid - Only $13.98 from Target! Regular Price is $19.99, Save $6.01. Earn up to 4.2% cash back from zuuzs!

Gifts for Her:
Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible (Hardcover) only $15.59 from - Reg. price $21.15 - Save $5.56 plus up to 30% cash back from zuuzs!
Sarah Peyton 3-piece Flameless Candle Set w/ Remote only $23.95 from - Up to 30% cash back from zuuzs!
Rockland Designer Pink Zebra 4 piece Luggage Set only $99 from Regular Price is $129.99, Save 23% plus get up to 30% cash back from zuuzs!

Gifts for Kids:
Fisher Price Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Rocker Ride-on - Only $109.99 from - This is $268.98 from Kmart! Save $158.99!!!! Plus earn up to 30% cash back from zuuzs!
Barbie Scooter w/ Bonus Barbie only $29 from Walmart - Earn up to 2.4% cash back from zuuzs!
Nintendo 3DS, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart Snap & Go Kit All in a Bundle! Only $189.99 from Target! Regular Price $224.99, Save $35 (16%). Free Shipping and up to 4.2% cash back from zuuzs!

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