A $3,000+ Dental Bill?! Don’t Let it Happen to You!

Dental bills stink worse than morning breath. But avoiding the dentist because you fear the bill can backfire. Majorly. Why? Cavity Creep.

What is Cavity Creep? To put it simply, as dental decay progresses, the cost to repair the damage increases… dramatically.  A cavity won’t stay just a cavity for long. The cavity – or hole in your tooth – will continue to penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth until it is properly treated. PLUS – because you avoided the dentist, your bill just ballooned from $195 for a small cavity and filling to a 4-figure expenditure to fix a major dental issue requiring a crown ($1,200), root canal ($2,000) or even a full tooth extraction and implant ($3,000+)!

Luckily, Doc Wellbee has the solution. Doc Wellbee is a dental plan to cure dental bills. We can help members reduce dental expenses up to 60%, plus earn rewards for practicing preventative care – like regular dental cleanings.  Better well care helps stop decay before it progresses into more serious and costly problems.  Unlike traditional dental insurance, there are no coverage limits, claims or waiting periods with DocWellbee. Our members pay their dentist directly and receive a substantial discount on virtually all procedures – even orthodontic and cosmetic.

DocWellbee is different because we focus on curing patents’ dental bills today – as well as in the future. Doc Wellbee knows that smarter oral care can help prevent need for costly treatments down the road. It’s why we REWARD  members to maintain regular cleanings and dental visits. Even the best brushing and flossing can’t prevent cavity creep … attacking plaque (and tarter) needs the help of a dentist too. It’s vital you catch and treat decay early – and the only way to do that is through regular check-ups, cleanings and x-rays.

In celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month, DocWellbee is partnering with Freebies and Savings to offer readers an exclusive discount – Use code FASSMILE25 at checkout  and receive 25% off a DocWellbee annual membership. Discount applies to memberships paid in full vs. via monthly installments.(exp. 10/31/13) (Note: Doc Wellbee plans currently available for Georgia residents; Memberships available nationwide starting October 1).

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